Interesting Yet Effectual Tips For Growing Indoor Garden Plants

Published on by Mark Carter

About Indoor Gardening:

Everyone is fond of living in a well adorned home to show off their true avowal of ownership. Having an inviting and beautiful indoor garden only improves the look of your home but also increases its value. Even if you spend time and effort to make small brilliant changes, you can easily make a great difference in how your home looks. First of all you must remember that it is much trickier to grow plants indoor than outdoor gardening as the life and growing process of the plants depend largely on natural light. In contrast to outdoor gardening in which important elements like rain and sunlight are naturally awarded, the indoor plants depend only on the elements that you provide them. Indoor gardens are preferred by most people who do not have yard space. With adequate skills and expertise, you can easily create a wonderful garden within your home and thereby having a stimulating green surrounding.

Here are some of the great tips that help you with indoor gardening adventure.

Provide Adequate Light:

Placing your indoor plants in the well-lit areas of your home is extremely crucial. You should avoid exposing them directly to the sunlight as it would lead them to dry up soon. If the area is not well lit, it is better to place the plants under High-intensity discharge bulbs or fluorescent light that can serve as alternative light sources. Before opting for the lights, you need to measure the garden, and this helps you to determine the required wattage of the bulbs. For a smaller area, you can opt for a 400watt HID light whereas for a larger area, you can choose to buy 600 to 1000 watts of HID light. If you want to make sure whether plants get adequate light, you can check their stems and leaves. Plants that are not getting enough light will be smaller in size and their color will be pale.

Water The Plants Properly:

You must water your indoor garden plants sufficiently. Inadequate watering and over watering are the two common mistakes that most people do. However, they should be avoided to ensure proper growth of indoor plants. You must always use purified distilled water as the tap water contains adverse mineral deposits and pH levels which are not good for the plants. Using cold or hot water may affect the wellness of your indoor plants and so, you must use water in room temperature.

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

You must make sure that your indoor garden is ventilated properly. There should be a circulating airflow all around the houseplants for allowing them to breathe. You can consider placing them near an oscillating fan or open windows. You must also make sure that the planters and pots have adequate drainage so that the water will not get stuck inside them and thereby prevent the roots from decaying. When the plants grow too larger, you can transplant them into a larger pot. It is always better to use natural fertilizers and pesticides for your indoor garden plants.

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